Services Overview

The following are an overview of our serivce offerings. They are broken down into our Core offerings and Security Marketing. 

Core Services

Advisory Services

Technical security starts best from the top. We can help advise your new start-up or long standing organization on security from the executive level. Whether you're looking for a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Chief Security Officer (CSO), or an Industrial Control System (ICS) Security Adviser, we've got you covered! We can help you cast the security vision for your organization, select the appropriate frameworks, and recommend better practices as they relate to your unique business and security objectives.


Active Defense & Deception

The newest offering revolves around the concept of Active Defense. Specifically, and in relation to YOUR adversaries, annoyance, attribution, and attack. We can help build your program or conduct these types of operations to help you remain a hard target, know who your adversaries are and apply a legal and appropriate response to those threats—if warranted. Additionally, our team can help deploy and plan for your organization’s Deception Technology platforms.


Cloud Security Assessments

Many organizations conduct business in the cloud, but don’t fully understand their vulnerability footprint. Our Cloud Assessments can help you understand your security for your web-based application(s) and your cloud-based infrastructure.


Network Security Monitoring (short-term)

Network Security Monitoring (NSM) is a means for your organization to understand what is traversing your systems and networks. We can help you plan out your NSM deployment, deploy the necessary tools and help transition the monitoring of such a system. Need NSM for a short-term project such as a conference or hack-a-thon? We’ve got you covered!

Threat Hunting

So, you’re ready to add Threat Hunting to your list of capabilities. Where do you start? Threat Hunting is the proactive means to detect malicious adversaries, both insiders and advanced adversaries, within your organization. We can help you develop your program or help to optimize your existing processes.


Incident Response

What happens if you have a breach or massive malware outbreak? Responding to security events and incidents is more important than ever. Data loss, malware, and even cyber insurance all bring about unique response requirements. By having a plan, your organization will know what to do in the case of an incident. If you don’t have a plan, uMercs can help you to develop a custom response plan and to help you test and verify it works. Simply put, we can get you ready for the inevitable so that you can be ready to respond when you are targeted.

Security Marketing

Blogging, Speaking, Webinar Services

The security message is being heard. More and more individuals and companies are listening, but are you communicating the right message? We offer marketing support in the form of blogging, speaking, and webinars to help you relay the security message. We can tailor it to your organization, platform, or unique business objectives.