We Have a Problem (and Solution)

We Have a Problem

If you’ve read any headlines recently, you know that breaches are an unfortunate, yet common occurrence. You’re either numb to these notifications, or you’ve been asking: why and how does this keep happening?! Although there isn’t necessarily just one common reason, the overall problem is that of deterrence and discernment. Attackers select targets, e.g. your data, because they know their chances of getting caught are low. If they are caught, they know the cost to them (jail time, fines, reputation, etc.) is not very high. Finally, understanding how your adversary views your assets (data, systems, and even reputation) is a missing key component in prioritizing your defenses. Our goal is to change that.

Our Solution: An Operationalized Active Defense

I am pleased to announce the formation of Traced. Traced is an answer to our adversary problem. This platform will empower individuals and organizations alike with the methodology and tool set to proactively annoy, attribute and interact with their adversaries.  Put another way, we want to make you a hard target that causes your attacker to move on. As your adversaries adapt, so too will this platform. It will provide a means to identify adversaries early on, while providing enough attribution to take the appropriate action. Security is no longer a wait and see mentality. It needs to be proactive--an Active Defense.

Our Newest Member

Today I am also very excited to announce the platform’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Software Architect (CSA), Ryan McGeary!

Traced CTO & CSA Welcome Ryan!

Traced CTO & CSA
Welcome Ryan!

Ryan is a serial entrepreneur, software consultant, international speaker, and amateur triathlete. Ryan has 20 years of experience developing both business and consumer software products and is a global speaker on emerging web development technologies and processes. Ryan co-founded other companies such as BusyConf, ChargeStack, LMGTFY, FitFreak, SplashWireless and McGeary Consulting Group. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a degree in Computer Science and an emphasis in Economics.

Ryan brings a wealth of coding experience to the table and I will be eager to show off his talents via this platform!

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