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Many definitions of what is considered secure exist, but a one-size-fits-all approach is not working. Billions of dollars and thousands of hours have been sunk to move the needle closer a secure state. Breach after breach only validates this reality. 

What is security? How do you or how does your organization define it? By subjectively defining security, you can prioritize your actions, all the way from architecture, down to operations. The ever-evolving definition goes like this:

Security = the collective and subjective set of regulatory, pragmatic, and adversarial challenges which must be uniquely addressed for each organization and for a system that is presumably, and innately, insecure. 

The question that we can help you answer is: what are you trying to protect from your adversary?

This answer will help you prioritize what is important and what resources are required to better posture you, or your organization, to resiliently address the real threats without feeding the fear monster. It’s time to take the red pill.

We help our clients win their unique cyber security war by fighting it one battle at a time.